On Calatini’s Founding

On Calatini’s Founding

from Parkstone’s The History of Damensea

Calatini, the large western kingdom south of the Walle and north of the Tsarkan Empire, is rich in fertile farmland and precious ores and gems. Because of its central position and extensive western coast, Calatini dominates the seas as well, so Damensea’s sea trade is centered at Ormas, Calatini’s capital city and largest port. Most inhabitants worship the Goddess, although some worship the Sea God or the Twins.

Calatini was founded a millennium ago, shortly after the Stone Wars. Fleeing the destruction of Oress, the nobles of Lystra and their people settled to the west in the quiet town of Orm. Deciding the name of their humble town was not grand enough, the nobles promptly renamed it Ormastra, but within a few short generations, the name had degraded to Ormas.

Since the royal line of Lystra had been exterminated in the Stone Wars, the nobles needed a new royal line. However, exhausted after the war and realizing the enormous task for their new king, none willingly volunteered, so the nobles cast a secret ballot. A pleasant young noble named Calator was elected, and although Calator was a few weeks short of becoming a fully-trained Healer, he gave up this calling for a larger duty.

Deciding their kingdom needed a new name to move forward, Calator intended to rename it Eden, but the nobles and their people wanted to honor their young king and call it Calatini, so Calator reluctantly accepted Calatini as their new kingdom’s name.

Once their name was established, Calator set about building Calatini. He dispatched explorers to map their new kingdom and discover its riches. When the explorers returned with tales of lush lands and rich earth, Calator sent men to farm the land and mine the earth under the direction of his nobles, and many families remain there to this day. However, he also set men to building ships so the people of Calatini would be able to escape another epic war, which developed into Calatini’s robust sea trade.

In time, Calator wed Annalise, the daughter of his wisest advisor, and they had several children during their long and happy marriage. Their royal line extends unbroken through the millennium to King Devon IV, our current king, who is said to be very like his distant ancestor in both looks and temperament.

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