Races of Elves

Races of Elves

from March’s Creatures Beyond the Walle

One of the most ancient magical creatures of Damesea, elves have been both revered and reviled by humans. Elves are renown for their wisdom and magical prowess, but most do not care for humans, who they consider mayfly usurpers of their land. Elves may live for several centuries yet they are fortunate if they bear two offspring during their long lifespan.

Elves appear similar to humans in size and form, but they tend to be slender and graceful. They also possess lily-pale skin, pointed ears, and slitted eyes similar to a cat’s. Closely associated with nature, elves typically wear attire inspired by plants, animals, and natural phenomena.

In the farthest north on the ice plains, live the arctic elves. Their hair is gray or white, and their eyes are gray or blue. Some attire motifs include lichen, snow bears, or glaciers. Arctic elves possess power over winter and ice floes. Strongest at Longnight, an arctic elf of yore is no doubt our Winter Queen.

With clans scattered across the deserts of Damensea, the desert elves have hair ranging from gold to bone-white and eyes in shades of gold and brown. Some attire motifs include cacti, desert falcons, or sand roses. Desert elves possess power over heat and mirages. It is said Rhiannon asked desert elves to hide the Lost Grimoire shortly before she died.

Living in plains just north of the Walle but also found in the Tsarkan Empire, meadow elves have tan or brown hair and pale-green or tan eyes. Some attire motifs include spring flowers, horses, or clouds. Meadow elves possess power over growth and construct their buildings from magical grasses. More nomadic than other elves, meadow elves leave behind patterns in the grass and fields when they depart.

Along the coast and on scattered western isles, live the water elves. Their hair and eyes are blue, green, black, or combinations of the three. Some attire motifs include reeds, fish, or waves. Water elves possess power over tempests and waves. Some say the have hidden gills because they spend as much time in the water as mermaids or tritons.

The final race of elves, wood elves, live in the great forests to the north and the rainforests to the south. They have brown or black hair and dark-green or brown eyes. Some attire motifs include trees, deer, or foxfire. Wood elves possess power over healing and excel at camouflage. Their cities appear as part of the forest, and their dwellings are often amid the branches.

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