The Charmed Pen: Part 3

The Charmed Pen: Part 3

Wren burst into Kit’s morning room with Hawke close behind her. “What precisely did your grandmother tell you about that pen, Kit?”

A faintly sardonic smirk tinging her features, Kit glanced up but continued embroidering the long band in her lap. “Merely stories of her adventures after her father bought it for her.”

Vexed by Kit’s cool response to her panic, Wren scowled at the other girl. “When you said it makes your words more ‘potent’, what did you mean?”

Kit shrugged sinuously. “Grandmother claimed the pen would make your words come true, if you imagined them clearly enough.”

Hawke made a strangled noise and glanced askance at Wren. “What is your play about, Wren?”

“A lonely troll living beneath a blue bridge.” Wren sighed and rubbed her forehead.

Hawke sputtered a wry laugh. “No wonder you did not want me to attack him.”

Kit set aside her embroidery and eyed Wren with shock. “You wrote about a troll?”

Wren defensively hunched her shoulders. “It’s for the orphanage.”

Kit grimaced with a disdainful snort. “Of course it is.”

While Wren bristled at Kit’s disparaging tone, Hawke interjected coolly, “Did your grandmother ever tell you how to end the pen’s spell?”

“No.” Kit slanted an arch glance at Wren. “She never wrote about something as ridiculous as a troll, although I believe she used it to win my grandfather, which she later regretted. She said the pen made words come true but with unforeseen complications.”

Her jaw clenching, Wren glared at Kit. “And you thought such a pen was an appropriate natal day gift?”

Kit examined her nails. “Well, I did not realize the stories were true. I could never get the pen to work.”

Still glaring, Wren gritted, “Obviously you never imagined clearly enough.”

Kit’s face hardened into a haughty mask. “Obviously.”

Hawke sighed and crossed his arms. “Must you two bicker? Bickering does not help us defeat the troll.”

Biting her lip with chagrin, Wren rubbed her forehead again. “And how are we do that? None of us know how the pen’s spell works.”

Kit favored Hawke with a coy smile. “My grandmother never told me how to end the spell, but she kept diaries. She may have written how to in one.”

Hawke flashed a crooked grin. “Hopefully so.”

Gathering her band of embroidery, Kit rose. “I shall have a maid fetch them from the library and pack them for you to borrow.”

Wren blinked at Kit in surprise. “Do you not intend to help us?”

Kit arched her brows with a bland smile. “Why should I? I am not the one who wrote about the troll. Besides, I must sew this band of embroidery onto my ballgown for tonight.”

As the other girl sashayed away, Wren huffed a sigh. “Kit is so useless.”

Grasping her elbow, Hawke pulled Wren from the room. “Be nice, Wren. Kit must find a husband before her father drinks away the rest of her dowry.”

Wren winced guiltily and muttered, “I know.”

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